Did you know? Neck and back pain affects about 85% of the population at least once in their lives whether its from an auto accident, sport injury or overexertion! This has cost the U.S. over 50 billion dollars a year. There is a standard medical treatment for relief which includes muscle relaxers, pain killers, cold packs, hot packs and physical therapy. If you have tried these options with no relief you may want to try Chiropractic. At Total Health and Injury Specialist we take a different approach to the treatment of pain.  Research shows that Chiropractic should be the 1st choice for treatment for neck or back pain.  Following an extensive evaluation a treatment plan will be formulated to meet the patient’s specific needs.  If the evaluation deems that further evaluation and/or treatment should be performed by Specialist, we will refer out. We have a close working relationship with multiple, top Medical Specialists in the Metro Atlanta area.