A third of car accidents result in an injury. If you’ve been in a car accident, this may not come as a surprise. 

You’re never sure if you’ll feel normal again after an accident. You have new pains and discomforts that weren’t there before. There’s medication to take, but you’d like a better option. Seeking an auto injury chiropractor would be a fantastic option. 

Our award-winning chiropractic care realigns your spine, aids in tissue healing, and treats other accident-related injuries. Here are a few ways Total Health and Injury Specialist can help you if you’re in the Decatur, GA area.

Reduces Inflammation

If you’re feeling stiffness or pain after an accident, it could be from inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s way of healing itself, but too much of it causes more harm than good. An auto injury chiropractor uses special techniques to help relieve your pain and get you feeling normal again.

Decreases Need for Medication

Medication is great, but it has its limitations. And many people will take pain relievers, believing it’s helping their injuries. Yet, pain relievers only relieve the symptoms for a short period until they come back again. They don’t fix what is wrong. Plus, they come with the risk of addiction. Do you know what isn’t addictive? An auto injury chiropractor! The relief you get from chiropractic care gets to the source of your pain. Remove the source, and you can have full-time relief day after day.

Restores Range of Motion

Range of motion could be another concern after you have an auto accident. The force placed on your body and joints can cause misalignments, inflammation, or more severe injuries that affect your total health. Our auto injury chiropractors help you get mobility back into your spine and realign any joints so that you walk out of our office pain-free.

Reduces Scar Tissue Formation

When your body gets injured, it begins to heal itself by forming scar tissue. This scar tissue is excellent because it allows you to heal and carry on with life. But, it can cause you pain and stiffness in the long term. Chiropractors use trained techniques to help break up scar tissue, enabling you to become more mobile and relieve pain.

Avoids Invasive Treatment

A car accident is bad enough. Having to get surgery due to a car accident? Worse. As a result, visiting an injury chiropractic clinic immediately after an auto accident is critical. Catch the problems early, and you can get treatment fast. Surgery should always be your last option. Total Health and Injury Specialist should always be your first.

Car accident injuries are serious, and we understand the worries you have. You’re in good hands at Total Health & Injury Specialist. Contact us now to start your pain-free life.